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Excel Community Development Corp. Inc. a 501C3 organization in both Florida and Georgia was founded in 2003 and has been able to develop hands-on operational models, which have been tested and proven effective in addressing specific issues in the community in Escambia County Florida, to include mentorship programs for youth in preparation for the annual FCAT state test, Six Weeks life skills course for incarcerated women who were preparing to be released back into society, financial planning & health & wellness classes for low income families, to include job skills training. The Excel Empowerment program was supported by Baptist Healthcare, The Studer Group, Escambia County School District, The University of West Florida and Community Leaders.

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After completing the six weeks program, Francis has not been incarcerated again for more than 10 years, and attends church regularly.

The Curriculum is currently being used by a Georgia state funded programs in Atlanta, Warner Robin and Macon, in support of Behavioral health and developmental disabled clients who are seeking gainful employment.

Transforming Breakdowns into Breakthroughs

This Six Weeks Course curriculum, Transforming Breakdown into Breakthroughs has proven successes. The Curriculum, taught to hundreds of incarcerated women & individuals in search of answers to life’s’ struggles include testimonies of indivuduals who are now productive citizens in society. “From Crack to the Cross” ~Francis~ tells her story on how she overcame 19 years of struggling with drug addiction. Gwen tells her story of obtaining her GED while incarcerated, to currently having earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work, purchasing a new home built from the ground and gainfully employed as a Social Worker. And the list goes on.

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